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Writing is a disease

There is no known cure

Welcome to my website. There are many websites like it, but this one is mine. I am a writer.

My name is Sandra Bond. I'm the author of the novels THE PSYCHOPATH CLUB (in which a teenage wannabee serial killer, marooned in a tiny and cold town in the US Midwest, finds himself slipping between alternate universes, and visited by an enigmatic supernatural creature he names Horsehead), and THE DEVIL'S FINGER (in which an outspoken feminist comedian, her overworked PA, and her dope-addled ex-husband find themselves tangled up with a standing stone and a rather nervous shapeshifter).

I'm also a poet. I may regularly be found at live poetry events online, or around my home in the Midlands of England. My first collection of verse, POETRY SLUM, contains (as well as the title poem) five ballades, nods to poets as diverse as Wendy Cope, John Cooper Clarke, Emily Dickinson and Gil Scott-Heron, an explanation of why people prefer hamburgers to poetry, and one lone sestina.

All of these may be found on Amazon; or if you prefer to deal direct with the author, you can buy them direct from this site.

If you want to sample my wares before you plunge, you can also find here a short that's exclusive to this website -- "The Happiest Meal". You'll also find a few poems to lure you, including once again a couple not published anywhere other than my website.



"It is a most singular thing to relate, but everything that you are about to read -- the story of our trip to the Moon in a bathysphere, the story of how the bank was robbed at Oakapple Orbital, the story of how Selene City came within an ace of utter destruction -- occurred solely because Harris craved hot coffee."

STEAMPUNK SUFFRAGETTES IN SPACE! August 2024 will see the publication of my third novel, THREE MEN IN ORBIT. The trio of cheerful but accident-prone protagonists from Jerome K. Jerome's classic THREE MEN IN A BOAT decide, in an alternate Edwardian universe, to take a holiday in space. There, they promptly become entangled with a bank robbery, a party of women campaigning for universal suffrage, and a crew of shady fraudsters. They also discover (the hard way) that none of them are any good whatsoever at steering an anti-gravity sphere by use of a sextant. Watch for further revelations on the run-up to publication!
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