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Here are some anthologies where you can read my shorter fiction.

Also, click below to read a short story exclusive to the website — The Happiest Meal.


"Electric Midnight"

Two refugees in a post-apocalyptic Hackney encounter a stranger. Which should fear the other more?

In Pioneers and Pathfinders, ed. Jessica Augustsson, Jayhenge (2019)

"The Night That Went Well"


You don't want to get on the wrong side of the nastiest organised crime outfit in the sketchiest city in the Three Kingdoms. And if you do get into the bad books of the Murdens and their friendly army of rats, make sure you're prepared for anything...

In Sensory Perceptions, ed. Jessica Augustsson, Jayhenge (2019)

"Down On Misery Farm"


There are few left of the Few these days — the pilots who fought the Battle of Britain in 1940. George Leckenby is one of them. But even a man approaching his century still has a friend left. Or does he?

In Hellfire Crossroads 7, ed. Trevor Denyer, Midnight Street Press (2019)


"Doctor Fleming's Umbrella"


Momentous historical events are made by scientists, by politicians, by great men and women. Not by wielders of mops and buckets.

But history takes a sudden twist away from the world we know when a researcher's moment of kindness to his lab cleaner has momentous consequences.

In The Chorochronos Archives, ed. Jessica Augustsson, Jayhenge (2021)


"The Happiest Meal"

To be trapped by your enemies in a greasy burger joint in King's Cross is no way for a self-respecting mage to go. But that's the fate which is upon Wrynn — unless he can pull something special out of his sleeve pretty damn quickly.

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