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How do authors get that way?

Many would say they were born to it.

When I was eleven, my school held a mock-census. One of the questions — a very obvious question to include — was “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

There were the usual answers you'd expect; soldiers, firefighters, pilots, and the inevitable wit who put “A man”. Out of the whole school, over a hundred pupils, only one person put “Novelist”. (Not even “writer”, you'll note. “Novelist”.)

If you guessed that one person was me — well, you win a no-prize, I suppose.

I bowed to pressure and went off to be a lawyer instead, but sanity prevailed and I got out of the legal racket to find a career that left me with enough spare brain-power and time to write. And so I write; sharp, distinctive fiction, most often in my first love, the science fiction and fantasy genre.

My first novel, The Psychopath Club, appears in 2021 from The Canal Press.


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