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"He's a good kid. He just wants to kill you."
The Psychopath Club

The Canal Press, 2021

The high school misfits and losers who make up the Psychopath Club, in the cold little midwestern town of Muldoon, don't know that there's a real live serial killer among them. 

But there is. So when Darroll gains an unbelievable power and an enigmatic companion from some dimension out of all human experience, the consequences are almost beyond imagining. And Darroll has quite an imagination.

But there is a price to be paid for power, when you're a twenty-first century, world-hopping, psychopathic Holden Caulfield...

Buy the book and check out Darroll Martock. You'll like him. He'd hate you.


“Dark, funny and plays with your expectations... A proper psychopath, an unwanted horse's head and more than one slip into strange new worlds draw you on to see just where the outrageous Darroll Martock is going to end up.”

— Stewart Hotston, author of Tangle's Game and Arthur C. Clarke Award panelist

"A really good read... There are moments of very good and effortless scene building. The chapter describing the The Psychopath Club’s band, Horsehead, and its first gig at the VFW and ensuing chaos is a breathless rush of brilliance. And it’s immediately apparent that The Psychopath Club is Catcher in the Rye done properly."

             — William Breiding, Portable Storage

"A bloody good book... Reminded me of The Wasp Factory, but better and less sedate." 


— John Coxon, Octothorpe podcast
(An Octothorpe Pick of the Week)


"With echoes of American classics like The Catcher in the Rye and Donnie Darko, this book takes the suburban high school misfits trope and re-imagines it in ways you’re not expecting... A twisty dark adventure, with sprinklings of teenage angst and a surreal, dreamlike quality which carries this tale to a gripping finale."


— Amazon reviewer


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