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"Cryptids and comedy don't mix."

The Devil's Finger

The Canal Press, 2023

For Imogen Payne, her recipe for a happy life is to keep herself too busy to worry. 

And she certainly has plenty to keep her busy as personal assistant and factotum to the outspoken feminist comedian, Jemima Charfield. Quite apart from wrangling Jemima herself, Imogen needs to deal with Jemima's drug-addled rock-star ex-husband, her sly and ominously cunning manager, and a muck-raking gossip-column journalist whom Jemima has made a bitter enemy of.

But all of these look like nothing by compare, when Imogen and Jemima stumble across a shapeshifter in the wild Midlands moorlands. Soon, unless Imogen can surpass herself, she and her boss are going to be looking at the unwelcome prospect of a murder charge...

A fast-paced comic extravaganza set in the seamier side of showbiz, The Devil's Finger will appeal to anyone who's sniggered at Tom Sharpe, grinned at Terry Pratchett, or split their sides at a Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright film.


"A successful visit to Britain and British entertainment culture, along with a standing stone and a cryptid. Things move fast... I think others will enjoy it."

         — Jerry Kaufman, Sidewise Award jurist

“Excellent book, very funny. I read it in one go. Looking forward to the next."

— Amazon review

"I have a copy, and so should you."

Leroy Kettle, author of Future Perfect

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